Our Work

The Congo Basin Institute leverages science and indigenous knowledge to advance conservation and human development.

CBI projects address issues of food security, climate change, conservation, and OneHealth with a cross-cutting focus on capacity building.

Themes in our work include:

Research: From assessing where species have the genetic diversity to withstand climate change to exploring new integrated pest management approaches for key agricultural crops, we seek to be evidence-based in everything we do.

Conservation: Based in the world’s second largest rainforest, CBI works to protect the immense biodiversity and critical carbon stocks of the Congo Basin. We work on everything from individual species to habitat conservation and restoration.

Livelihoods: Conservation strategies that do not take into account the needs, wants, and habits of local communities are bound to fail. That’s why agriculture and food security are a core competency at CBI.

Capacity building: CBI seeks to develop the next generation of African scientists and policy makers. We do this through trainings and workshops, embedding capacity development opportunities in our projects, and providing resources for young researchers from Central Africa.

CBI projects seek to answer:

  • How can we support biodiversity while also improving quality of life for local communities?
  • What impact is climate change having in Central Africa, and how will that influence conservation and livelihoods?
  • How can local and indigenous knowledge be preserved and combined with Western science to improve conservation and food security?
  • How can complex interactions between species be understood and conserved?