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Conservation Action Research Network

The Conservation Action Research Network seeks to advance evidence-based conservation efforts that conserve biodiversity and ecosystem health, protect threatened wildlife species and habitats, and promote environmental sustainability.


The Conservation Action Research Network is a CBI participant, and hosts the annual Aspire Grant Program for young African scientists.

Central Objectives

  • To utilize and support basic and applied research to understand the biotic processes that underlie and maintain biodiversity worldwide.
  • To seek improvements to public health and well being through integrated approaches to sustainability.
  • To improve the quality of environmental and health science decision-making by facilitating the communication of research results among the academic, government, and NGO communities.
  • To maximize the effectiveness of environmental programs by integrating research results with sustainable development policy.
  • To provide impactful training opportunities for young scientists and early career professionals working in wildlife and environmental conservation, premised on significant field research experience.