Africans are the greatest change agents for Africa

Africans are the greatest change agents for Africa

Building a Sustainable Africa Together.

Our mission is to find integrative solutions which conserve the environment and meet the needs of the developing world.

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Breakthrough solutions which meet the needs of the developing world

With an emphasis on in-country capacity building, we serve as a regional hub for international scholars working in the Congo Basin region providing world-class research and training.

By 2050, over 9 billion people are projected to compete for scarce resources on a planet experiencing severe climate change. Our goal is to create a network of multi-disciplinary enterprises focused on innovative solutions to critical challenges. The first is the Congo Basin Institute in Cameroon, Africa, dedicated to finding solutions to climate change, human disease, food and water security, and loss of biodiversity.

With our globally recognized partners, we leverage the diverse resources of universities, industry, government, and development organizations. We’re expanding the existing campus of CBI co-founder International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Yaoundé to include additional research and learning space.


The Congo Basin Institute is a joint initiative of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and UCLA. IITA and UCLA are leading a multi-institutional initiative to develop the Congo Basin Institute to be a model for how universities, NGOs, and private businesses can partner in international development.