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Call for Applications for the Position of Consultant Construction Manager, ASHA Project

Applications should be submitted by February 14, 2022.

IITA Cameroon seeks a part time construction manager for the Congo Basin Institute to oversee the planned construction by contractors of the Distance Learning Center (DLC) on its Nkolbisson campus to supervise and work directly with service providers as well as report to and advise IITA Cameroon's management.

The Congo Basin Institute is a center of higher learning and scientific excellence in Central Africa. We generate research that decision makers can use to address sub-Saharan Africa's environmental and development challenges. CBI is driven by dedicated researchers and donors that support research and training in the Congo Basin.

A - Duties

The DLC will seat approximately 100, and incorporate state of the art design and sustainability. It is funded by the United States government via USAID and UCLA. The construction manager will provide day-to-day management of the construction process, ensure compliance with all plans, contracts and regulations, and act as the main conduit between IITA and the construction contractor.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Assist in the drafting and marketing of the Request for Proposals (RFP) for a construction firm.
  • Provide feedback on the bids submitted by potential construction firms as part of the IITA procurement process.
  • Ensure that the construction contractor prepares a work plan for construction with acceptable timelines for each activity.
  • Ensure that the construction contractor prepares a proper BOQ which accurately reflects the scope of work outlined in the technical drawings.
  • Assist IITA Cameroon procurement officer on matters related to the DLC.


  • Monitor and ensure the construction contractor is complying with the plans, contract and with all local rules and standards.
  • Provide timely reports on progress of work to IITA project manager and station management team and ensure the construction proceeds according to the architectural working-drawings and as per time-line outlined in the work plan.
  • Ensure work is being executed within the allocated budget.
  • Advise IITA project manager and station management team in case there is need for variation in any aspect of construction, which is outside the scope of BOQ and working drawings. Such proposed variations must be agreed by contractor and approved by the project and the IITA station management teams before being executed.
  • Working with construction contractor and IITA to address issues that may arise.
  • Maintain and verify the site log.
  • Ensure all health, safety, and environmental guidelines are followed at the construction site.
  • Offer technical advice to IITA as needed.
  • Ensure the project is progressing on time and within budget.
  • Assist project and IITA managements to communicate with the contractor as appropriate.
  • Provide technical review of construction.
  • Assist in final acceptance of construction.
  • Develop post-construction operation and management plan for the site.
  • Participate in the creation of reports: progress, site meetings, technical, provisional and final acceptance report.


  • Assist in developing and finalizing the construction contract.
  • Work with IITA's accountant to ensure proper and timely accounting of construction costs.
  • Participate in regular meetings regarding the project, including providing updates.

B - Qualification

1. Education:

a. Civil Engineer (A-levels/Bac + 5).

2. Work Experience:
a. Current member of the National Order for Civil Engineers of Cameroon
b. At least 5 years of related professional experience
c. Prior experience and success managing projects of similar size and scope
d. Professional integrity
e. Attention to detail
f. Strong communication skills

3. Language:
a. Fluency in French and English required.

C - Workplace

The incumbent of the position will be based in IITA Nkolbisson, Cameroon.

D - Contract type and duration

This will be a 02 (two) years consultancy position.

E - Level of Effort and Compensation

This position is expected to be part time, with level of effort depending on project demand but ranging from 5% time to 50% time at various stages of the project, with at least 3 visits to site per week and more during start of every major stage of construction. This will be a contract position. This position will be paid via a monthly retainer. This position is expected to begin work April 1, 2022.

F - Restriction

The position is limited to Cameroonian citizens.

G - Equity in employment

IITA encourages applications from women, men, young people who believe they meet the requirements of the position. All applications will be assessed in a fair and objective manner.

H - Application folder

The application file shall include the following documents:

  • a detailed Curriculum Vitae (including descriptions of prior similar projects which the candidate has participated in);
  • a letter of motivation (maximum of one page; including the full names of the candidate, their full address, phone number and email address);
  • a copy of the national identity card;
  • copies of all relevant academic diplomas and professional certificates;
  • a list of three professional referees including their contact information; one of them must be the current and or most recent employer, unless otherwise advised by the candidate with a strong rationale;
  • a completed online application form; kindly fill in the form in addition to sending your application file available on

Applications should be addressed by email, as an attachment, to IITACA­ with a copy to, by February 14th, 2022 addressed to:

The Resident Representative
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Cameroon
P.O. Box 2008 Yaoundé (Messa)
Tel: 222237434; (+237) 699319747
Application for the position of: Consultant Construction Manager ASHA Project

Only applications received in French or English with a completed online form will be considered and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

See PDF version of the Call for Applications which includes the above overview of the duties and responsibilities, qualifications, and application instructions.

Applications should be submitted by February 14, 2022.