The Challenges

Sub-Saharan Africa is ground zero for potentially devastating impacts of climate change on food security, human health and environment.

Even without the stress of climate change, the conditions in this region are dire.

Seventy percent of the poorest billion people on Earth live in Sub-Saharan Africa

Life expectancy can reach a low of 41 years compared to the world average of 71, and infant mortality reaches as high as 154 per 1000 live births versus 6 in the developed world.

Populations suffer poverty exacerbated by internal and regional conflicts, misuse of natural resources, high rates of infectious diseases, inadequate levels of agricultural production, and bad governance.

Impacts from severe water and food scarcity, environmental deterioration, emerging human diseases, and existing diseases impede any progress towards climbing out of poverty.

One of the highest deforestation rates of in the world that threatens the biodiversity of the region.