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SILK/Ebony Sponsor Baka Women Celebrate IWD In Somalomo, East Region

CBI (SILK and Ebony projects) sponsored the transportation and food for 30 women from the Baka villages of Bifolone and Ayene to participate in the International Women's day celebration at Somalomo.

30 women from Bifolone, located in the East region of Cameroon joined the international community last March 8th to commemorate the 38th edition of the International Women’s Day celebrated under the theme ‘DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality.

In all excitement, the ladies went to the ceremonial ground with a dance group, joining other women from nearby villages to celebrate.

Speaking on the significance of this gesture, Dr. Ruksan Bose, Project Manager for the School of Indigenous Local Knowledge, SILK, said "it made them feel valued and important and they are pleased and ready to support the SILK/Ebony projects and other activities we come up with"

On the other hand, the ladies said their participation in the parade created a peaceful scene and unity with the people of Somalomo. Their husbands were also very happy and joined them in the festivities.