Distance Learning Center

The new Center will host seminars, workshops, and trainings that build local and international scientific capacity, and promote collaboration and cooperation.

GCRF TRADE, Development and the Environment Hub

The Congo Basin Institute has partnered with the Global Challenges Research Fund’s TRADE, Development and the Environment Hub in an effort to make trade in developing countries more sustainable.

Ebony Project

The Ebony Project is a partnership where business, communities, and researchers work together to protect a valuable timber species, reforest degraded land, address local food security issues, and improve rural livelihoods.

Understanding Seed Disperser Movements in a Tropical Rainforest

The rainforests of the Congo Basin are being lost at an accelerating rate, causing habitat degradation, biodiversity loss, and ecosystem service declines. Sustaining these forests depends on the presence and movement of animals responsible for dispersing seeds of trees.