Richard Rosomoff

Jen Tinsman Spotlights Pangolin Conservation on “The Science Podcast”

CBI supports efforts to track and map pangolin poaching.

A team of researchers developed a powerful new approach that uses genomics to identify poaching and trafficking hotspots.

A research methods outlined in a study published in the journal Science, can help law enforcement agencies to trace white-bellied pangolin products from the international supply chain to the places in Africa where the animals were poached.

CTR - Center For Tropical Research Team member, Jen Tinsman, a forensic wildlife biologist at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has been featured on “The Science Podcast.”

Jen is at the forefront of the Center for Tropical Research’s pangolin project. In this episode, Jen engages in a conversation with host Sarah Crespi about the groundbreaking use of genetics to track the illegal pangolin trade. As the most trafficked mammals globally, pangolins face severe threats, and Jen’s expertise explains the innovative approach of utilizing DNA from their scales to identify poaching hot spots.

🎧 You can catch Jen’s discussion on pangolin conservation at minute 17 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or on The Science Podcast web.