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Gensler: Learning About Resilience at the UCLA Congo Basin Institute

The world-renowned architecture, design, and planning firm Gensler has designed a sustainable campus concept for CBI's Distance Learning Center being developed on the IITA campus in Cameroon.

The resilient and "hyper-flexible" spaces designed for the project have been featured on Gensler's website:

"CBI is a research and education campus that focuses on finding solutions to the many interconnected environmental challenges, including food and water security, human health, loss of biodiversity and climate change. It will train students to collaborate with local African researchers, and it will teach young people how best to use emerging and ground-tested technologies to help lead the region toward a bright future."

"Now, more than ever, the ability to collaborate both locally and globally across continents will be key in addressing critical development challenges. By creating a resilient space to study the pressing issues of environmental devastation, human disease, and poverty, we can begin to develop a sustainable local economy that respects, honors, and preserves the natural diversity of its ecosystem."

To read more about the project design, visit Learning About Resilience at the UCLA Congo Basin Institute on the Gensler website.