Ebony Project
The goal of the program is to enhance ebony stocks through community engagement while collecting crucial data to refine techniques for production and management.

Central African Biodiversity Alliance
The Central African Biodiversity Alliance is an international partnership that seeks to develop an integrated framework for conserving central African biodiversity under climate change that is both evolutionary-informed and grounded in the socioeconomic constraints of the region.

Bouamir Research Station: a Hub for Innovative Conservation in the Congo Basin
The Bouamir Research Station would provide a model for protecting and restoring the Congo Basin forest by providing a hub for conservation research and integrating knowledge and input from indigenous people.

Giant Pangolin Conservation and Natural History
This project aims to answer key questions about the natural history and conservation requirements of giant pangolins, one of the world’s most trafficked animals.

Climate Change Vulnerability in Tropical Butterflies
Using mycalesine butterflies – a taxonomic group found throughout Central Africa – CBI researchers are working to better understand how tropical species might be impacted by climate change. This project will shed light on habitat’s role in structuring climate change vulnerability.

Predictive Modeling of Emerging Tropical Disease
The burden of emerging infectious diseases, and neglected tropical diseases, is high in Central Africa. CBI researchers are using novel methods, combined with expertise in ecological modeling, wildlife sampling and more, to better predict disease distributions. This information can ultimately help public health decision-makers more effectively control diseases, and protect lives.

Mapping Pangolin Trafficking from Africa to Asia
To address the problem of determining where illegally poached animals originate, UCLA and the University of Hong Kong are combining newly-developed genetics approaches, network monitoring, and existing samples to build an origin-to-destination tracking system for giant pangolins trafficked from sub-Saharan Africa to Asia.