Archive of presentations given about the Congo Basin Institute available to view online and download.

Challenges to Conserving the Congo Basin Rainforest 2019

The future of our planet is Africa — in terms of people, biodiversity, habitats that are crucial for genetic diversity in the face of climate change, and some of the richest tropical forest carbon stocks on Earth. But climate change and exploitation of natural resources threaten that future. Why have generations of efforts failed to conserve wonderlands such as the Congo Basin Rainforest? How can scientists help to create a better strategy? The Congo Basin Institute is leading a large new network and a new approach to multidisciplinary science and policy to address these urgent questions, which bear on everyone’s future.

Credit: Video recorded at the Science Cafe in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

How we can stop Africa’s scientific brain drain

Conservation biologist at the Congo Basin Institute Kevin Njabo tells his personal story of how he nearly became part of the group of African scientists who seek an education abroad and never return — and why he’s now building a permanent base on the continent to nurture and support local talent. “I’m not coming back alone. I’m bringing with me Western scientists, entrepreneurs and students,” Njabo says. “When that happens, Africa will be on the way to solving Africa’s problems.”

Challenges to Conserving the Congo Basin Rainforest 2014

An Oppenheim Lecture presented by CTR Director Thomas B. Smith, describing the Center is leveraging the best available science to identify new protected areas in the face of resource extraction and climate change, the Congo Basin Institute, and a new initiative in Cameroon to reduce global emissions by avoiding deforestation in Cameroon, using emissions fees paid by climate gas emitters in the developed world.

Congo Basin Institute: UCLA’s New Foreign Affiliate

A recent talk by CBI co-director, Thomas Smith, at the Luskin Conference Center.

Building the CBI

Building the Congo Basin Institute (PDF) by Tom Smith and Hilary Goodwin

Looking at the CBI Building Plans

Gensler architectural models of the Congo Basin Institute (PDF)