Conservation Efforts in Africa Speaker Series

The Congo Basin Institute Club at UCLA recently hosted the speaker series Conservation Efforts in Africa featuring Edwin Tambara from the African Wildlife Foundation and Dr. Kevin Njabo, the Africa Director for the Center for Tropical Research. A recording of the speaker series is now available.

Left: Edwin Tambara, African Wildlife Foundation
Right: Dr. Kevin Njabo, Africa Director, Center for Tropical Research

About the speakers:

African Wildlife Foundation: Edwin Tambara

Edwin is a conservation practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in strategic analysis, business and tourism planning, program development and project management, and monitoring and evaluation. As the African Wildlife Foundation’s Director of Global Leadership, Edwin works with multilateral organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank to influence sound conservation policies and encourage development financing that supports nature conservation in Africa. 

CBI: Dr. Kevin Njabo

Dr. Njabo ‘s main objective as a conservation biologist is to work for more sustainable and equitable global development. While environmental change and extinction of species are natural processes, human activities are also threatening all things wild, both plants and animals. He believes that, as caretakers of the planet, it is our responsibility to respect and manage the Earth’s natural resources, including the human population itself. Dr. Njabo is currently the Africa Director for the Center for Tropical Research and a leader of the Congo Basin Institute.